Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Saturday, September 4, 2010

writing and writing

i've been doing a lot of writing since i got this lil shitty laptop. this is an excerpt from the proposed lyrics for "AmDmCF = love."

so share a laugh as you deny me what is so easily given.
it's not like i'm out here, searching for real love..
you were nothing more than an impromptu proposition.
i know that it's been said, but you can blame the drugs..

and here we stand around shivering like lost children,
a drunken crowd hugging each and everyone goodnight.
and there we would've stopped if we had just straight listened.
..or maybe we knew and we were just looking for a fight.

more to come. don't want to turn blogspot into the new xanga or anything though.

Friday, August 20, 2010

temp(museless) - full length album

temp(museless) - sharks out of water (2010, coming soon)
11 tracks, in the mastering stages right now. at this point, for every two steps forward, i've been taking a half step back. but i'm satisfied with the way everything is fitting together and i don't see it taking more than another week or two before "sharks out of water" is ready to be packaged up. i just have to record some vocals, finish the album art, and give it all that last sex touch. the final tracks will be available for free download, or on CD for a minimal price.
album release party, anyone?
here are the 11 tracks thus far:
1. starvation

2. laid (cover of james' hit single! lacking vocals)

3. fuck my life

4. i didn't plan on you ever trusting me (prose 12) (highschool track)

5. act ashamed(original recordings missing, working on it!)

6. i'm alone (one version)

7. redemption denied (working on a controller to use to finish this. if anyone wants to lend my a PS3 controller for a couple days, it'd go a lot quicker)

8. running (prose 11)

9. fuck to forget (PSR-6 + HEART)

10. maybe another time.. (vocals missing)

11. slow down (original recordings missing, working on it!)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

temp(museless) - a conscience with no second thoughts

saul williams - black stacey

I used to hump my pillow at night.
The type of silent prayer to help myself prepare for the light.
Me and my cousin Duce would rank the girls between one and ten
and the highest number got to be my pillows pretend.
Now I apologize to every high ranker.
But you taught me how to dream and so I also thank you.
I never had the courage to approach you at school.
We joked around a lot and I know you thought I dressed cool.
But I was just covering up all the insecurities that came bubbling up.
My complexion had
me stuck in an emotional rut, 'like the time you Flavor Flav'd me and you called me
"Yo Chuck, they say
you're too black, man".
I think I'm too black.
Mom, do you think I'm too black? I think I'm too black.
Black Stacey.
They called me Black Stacey.
I never got to be myself 'cause to
myself I always was Black Stacey, in polka dots
and paisley, a double goose
and bally shoes, you thought it wouldn't phase me.
I was Black Stacey.
the preachers' son from Haiti
who rhymed a lot and always got the dance steps at the party.
I was Black Stacey.
you thought it wouldn't phase me, but it did 'cause I was just a kid.

I used to use bleaching creme, 'til Madame CJ Walker walked into my dreams.
I dreamt of being white and
complemented by you, but the only shiny black thing that you liked was my shoes.
Now, I apologize for bottling up
all the little things you said that warped my head and my gut.
Even though I always told you not to
brag about the fact that your great grand
mother was raped by her slave master. Yeah, I became
militant too.
So it was clear on every level I was blacker than you.
I turned you on to Malcolm X and
Assata Shakur in my three quarter elephant goose with the fur.
I had the high top fade
with the steps on the side.
I had the two finger ring, rag top on the ride.
I had the sheep skin, name
belt, Lee suit, Kangol, acid wash Vasco, chicken and waffle.

Black Stacey.
They called me Black Stacey.
I never got to be myself 'cause to myself I always was Black Stacey, in polka dots
and paisley, a double goose and bally shoes, you thought it wouldn't phase me.
I was Black Stacey. the preachers'
son from Haiti who
rhymed a lot and always got the dance steps at the party.
I was Black Stacey.
Youthought it wouldn't phase me, but it did 'cause I was just a kid.

Now here's a little
message for you.
All you baller playa's got
some insecurities too, that you could cover up, bling it up, cash in
and ching ching it up, hope no
one will bring it up, lock it down and string it up.
Or you can share your essence with us, 'cause everything about you couldn't be rugged
and ruff.
And even though you tote a
glock and you're hot on the
streets, if you dare to share your heart, we'll nod our heart to
its beat.
And you should do that, if nothing else, to prove
that a player like you could keep it honest and true. Don't mean to call your bluff but
mothafucka that's what I do.
You got platinum chain
then, son, I'm probably talking to you.
And you can call your gang, your posse and the rest of your crew.
And while you're at it get them addicts and the indigent too. I plan to have a whole army
by the time that I'm through to load their guns with songs they haven't sung.

Friday, July 30, 2010

god, what a lame summer

just a few photos from the last week of june and the first week of july. proof that nothing ever happens in Ohio. ever.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

time and temperature - live at the punk porch

the volume is a little low. sorry, i only had a point and click with me.

i heard that the people who were setting these shows up stopped doing them. it's a shame i only made it out to two performances here. it's probably one of my favorite places to see a show.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

some music for you, part 1

Motel Beds - Go For A Drive EP (????) + (untitled) EP (2004)the motel beds are a small indie rock band from down in Dayton, Ohio. i found them about 4 or 5 years ago while searching the internet hardcore for a better version of abracadaver's Pillow's and Brushes. i came across a website called Fictionband that had lots of Dayton band's releases available for free download. these guys have been on steady repeat ever since i downloaded some of their tunes.this is definitely some feel good rock'n'roll i often feel was created to cook to. no lie. from what little information i can gather, it seems the beds boys are no longer a group. this is quite unfortunate as i've been looking forward to trying to bring them up to columbus sometime this fall. if anyone has any information on if they're playing shows still or a way to contact them, you should let me know!motel beds live
motel beds widget off their site: does it work here??

Belbury Poly - The Owl's Map (2006)
i haven't listened to much other Belbury Poly other than this disc. but The Owl's Map definitely has always stood as one of my favorite "get blunted" albums. it's psychedelic throwback synths are the epitome of what the psychedelic scene was trying to do in the late '60s and into the '70s. of course, an album in this note that's released in the second millenium is going to have a fuller sound. i've jammed out to this a few years ago, and only recently brought it back into serious rotation.
belbury poly - scarlet ceremony
[i hope to have uploaded some other tracks off this album to include here soon!]

MGMT - Oracular Spectacular (2007)
this album is already high in throwback status, and it's only been three years?? with the release of MGMT's latest disc, Congratulations, being an epic let down to the feel good jams of some of the foggiest and beautiful moments of my life, i had to bust out the oldies this summer. and somehow after being blasted with half of Oracular Spectacular in the bars and at every house party for a couple years, the album still managed to bring up all the old feelings i associated with it in 2007. This is the only CD i bumped on the Alpine in my Accord as i drove around in a fantastical drug-fueled world for an entire Ohio season. spun out sitting in my car driving through river gorges and partying in fields. it's hard to put into words the emotions of that year, but somehow MGMT knew exactly what i was thinking before i ever thought it. i can only hope for some retrogression with their next release. fingers crossed.
MGMT - time to pretend (official video)
MGMT - flash delerium (official video) - this is off their latest release, Congratulations. it's my favorite off the album right now. the video's cool, but i hate watching their videos with the tracks!

Liars - Sisterworld (2010) + Scissor EP (2010)
the deluxe release of this album includes a 2nd disc with remixes of the album's original tracks by the likes of Thom Yorke, Devendra Banhart, Boyd Rice, etc. the original album is the most refined of Liars' releases over the passed decade or so. it lacks a epic change of poles like most their albums take on. and the lack of such an exaggerated change of genre and style can leave any major Liars fan a little let down. but as far as production value and wholeness of sound go, this is by far the best we've ever seen from the boys. it's just too peaceful; it doesn't leave me sitting on the edge of my seat in any way. the remixes leave a lot more to be desired, and devendra's remix of The Overacheivers is really the only one i could get into. the thom yorke remix of Proud Evolution is worth listening to for the novelty of it, but passed one listen, these remixes aren't worth shit.
also check out the Scissor EP, which is, from what i've gathered, a B-sides of the Sisterworld LP. Though the title track, Scissor, is in my opinion the best track out of the bunch, and also comes with a ridiculously awesome music video.
liars - the overacheivers (official video)
liars - the overacheivers (remix by devendra banhart)

liars - scissor (official video)
[update: apparently Mute Records disabled embedding for all of Liar's new videos. that's a damn shame considering how great they are. i've updated to just links to the pages of the youtube videos for The Overacheivers and Scissor above. enjoy!]

Saturday, July 24, 2010

down \/

i fell in love with a girl who might as well be a stripper.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

abracadaver - pillows and brushes

if anyone can come up on the other, higher quality version of this, i almost swear it exists out there somewhere! this is one of my favorite songs from when i was living on the Hilltop with my moms.
"i dreamed a pill could kill me, while my pillow held me!"

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

cliff jumping in columbus, ohio

there's really only two spots i can think of that are close enough to not be a preplanned trip. Runaway Bay Quarry at the corner of w 5th ave and McKinley ave, and this small secluded waterfall off the bottom of O'Shaughnessy Dam near the zoo.
i personally have gone to the quarries since early high school, but in the past decade, so many kids have died drowning up there that they've come down pretty hard on letting anyone get into the property. you have to park across the street and walk into the complex, or figure a way out to swim up to the cliffs from the private condos' beach across the water. and getting in over there is even more complicated. once you do get to the top of the precipice though, you're good to go on a 20 foot jump with no obstructions under the water. if you walk up the side of the quarry a bit, you'll find another couple not so secluded jumpable spots, as well as the highest cliff on the quarry. with about a 40 foot drop, you also have to get a proper running start to avoid the dry rock below as well as a little under water cliff. it seems really intimidating, like most cliff jumps, until you just do it. overall, this trip is worth the hassle.

my favorite spot to go is a fairly new one to me. i can't tell you exactly how to get there as it's fairly secluded and clean and i know the people who frequent it would like to keep it that way. but, go to the O'shaughnessy Dam, and park in the lot that's available for parking, then just walk across the bridge and down into the woods. you have to cross a couple creeks and descend a small waterfall or two, but in a very roundabout way, you will arrive at this ultra-cutty waterfall with jumpable cliffs on both sides. it's not nearly as tall as the cliffs at the quarries, but it's a lot more fun and you don't have to worry much about getting thrown out or ticketed for trespassing. and the addition of the waterfall makes it a lot more relaxing to hang out around. this trip is hands down worth it, provided your wildman waterfall huntin' skills are up to par.

just don't act a fool, or get too wasted and have fun swimming this summer, kids!

camu tao - king of hearts (2010)

the long awaited release from Columbus' finest, camu tao is set to release August 17th, almost two and a half year's after the tragic loss of the local legend to cancer. a lot of people stand tall to say that camu tao was put on this earth to change the shape of hip-hop music. unfortunately, this mission was cut short the spring of 2008 after a two year battle with lung cancer. camu, aka tero smith, left behind a plethora of underground as well as unreleased tracks. it's these unreleased tracks that have been pieced together and mixed down by some of his brethern to shape the Kingdom Hearts album. on August 19th, an album release part is being held at Skully's Music Diner on N. High St. in Columbus, Ohio. This will be an epic event for everyone who knew camu and his music. come out and celebrate!
here's a strip of tracks camu's recorded over the years to get you pumped for the release party.

winnie the pooh see n say

i recorded several dozen loop patterns with this modified winnie the pooh See'N'Say, and layered them over each other in cool edit pro to make this track. indeed, it is several years old, but i still love it everytime i listen to it. winnie, if you're still out there, i miss you.

free art - bristol bar tonight!

fuck the police - 6/23/2010

i just want to say, props to the bands that did make it out to play tonight.
merchant ships, for driving all the way here from home. i believe this was their first show on their first tour. dudes pulled up into a parking lot next to a boarded up apartment building and got out and played hard as fuck. you guys are so much more live than i expected from your recordings. hell yeah!
slipdiver, who's bassist has a broken collar bone, but still manned up and played a kick ass show. who's drummer quit the day of the show, but somehow these kids pulled matt h. out of their assholes like it was nothing. props on your best show that i've seen.
and finally, props to the dudes in thunder bison, whose set got cut off by the pig-mother-fuckin-Os. their singer was itching all night to play and when the time came, the law has to step up and act all hard and cut us off early as hell.

and don't forget all the faces that came out tonight to watch the show. if the cops wouldn't have shown up, we could've got some cheesing-ass last-party-at-the-crackhouse-flics. what the hell are we gonna do now? the crackhouse is gone.

in case you actually give a shit, we have some other stuff coming up in the next month. tomorrow night, Blake Morrison brings his FREE ART show out for the first time to Bristol Bar. it showcases Blake's skills on the canvas as well as his jockey skills on the decks. special guest artist Jon Stommel (the dude who did the murals on the entrance way to Bat Chapters and the sides of Magnolia Thunderpussy & The Chamber/Garden/Joint.

this weekend is comfest! come out friday during the day to kick it with us at VooDoo Denim Lounge for the pre-gaming party Friday, June 25th. starting at 5 PM, we're gonna have Blake Morrison [DJing only], Mike Stone, & Tumms, along with a chance to kick back a couple brews with us before we head down to Outland on Liberty for the Dirty Deeds party. yeah, we got Designer Drugs headlining this year's official ComFest after party!! Nixphonic, Tumms, Digiraatii, & Hot Mess will all be on the bill for the night, bringing you some of the raunchiest and hesh gangster dance beats ever.
also, after you watch the fireworks on July 2nd, come out and kick it with us, DJ Drastic, & the Hometown Villains at Hampton's to get a little bit of that hip-hop soul in your life. we'll be taking over the basement around 10 PM, so come party on King Ave!
if that's not gonna work out for you, come post-up on this booze cruise, on July 31st with us. that's 6 stops on your way to the after party, with live acts still to be announced.
that's about as official as it gets. any other details not mentioned probably aren't resolved. i just want to end this all by saying,
fuck the police.
jiggy's comin!
fuck tha police, yo,
cos i ain't runnin!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

sleeping to eminem. all day all the time

eminem feat. b-real & boo yaa tribe - 9 1 1

eminem feat. xzibit - don't approach me

eminem - welcome to detroit city

eminem - public enemy #1

eminem feat. 50 cent - the re-up
"boom - boom - chup. boom-ba-boom-chup. yee thas whassup."

eminem feat. 50 cent - jimmy crack corn

fucking cat

Monday, June 7, 2010


Sixth Street Vacant and Disko Doom Productions Present:
D I R T Y * D E E D S

featuring live sets by:
DESIGNER DRUGS [http://www.myspace.com/designerdrugsclubmusic]
HOT MESS [http://www.myspace.com/weareahotmess]DIGIRAATII [http://www.myspace.com/digiraatii]TUMMS&
NIXPHONIC [http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Nixphonic/105312409509743?ref=ts]

Columbus's ComFest [short for Community Festival] is the nation's largest free festival. Spanning three days over the last weekend in June every year, ComFest attracts thousands upon thousands of people from around the country to pack into Goodale Park. With several live stages, hundreds of vendors, tons of food and alcohol to fuel it, you'll find it pretty tough to leave unamused by the end of the night. But in case you're on the brink this year, we've got you covered...

Friday, June 25th, come out after the ComFest celebrations for some of the wildest, dirty dance music you've ever heard. Designer Drugs makes a triumphant return to Columbus, in full force to help us remember SUMMER IS HERE!
They'll be man-handling the stage at the quasi-new Outland [on Liberty] and melting your face off with friends MC Johnny Flavor and Ohio's own Jet Black Empire crew featuring duos Hot Mess, Digiraatii, and of course, dat good ol' boy Tumms! Ladies and Gentlemen, this promises to be a night not to forget. Though, if you ever partied with these guys before, you know that sometimes it's the remembering that gets tough the morning after.

And don't forget to join us at Voodoo Denim Lounge [780 N High St] just up the block from Goodale Park on High St. We'll be pre-gaming here with early sets by Tumms, Mike Stone, and Blake Morrison from Texas' Artificial Missile collective. Also, while you're in here, don't forget to look around the shop and see what this new denim boutique has to offer the naked populace. Even challenge the owners to a game of pool if you dare!

Pre-Sale tickets are available now at [paypal site is temporarily unavailable. fml.]
For more information, please e-mail us at sixthstreetvacant@gmail.com
or visit our facebook event at:

Friday, May 21, 2010

tyrless - epix (cut your losses now) [prod. by temp]

i've got like 3 different scratch mix downs of this track, and the final recordings ain't even twerked. my computer is a mess!

tyreless, supa dave haze, lev don tha destroyer - grip on neck (prod. by temp + self)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Columbus Alive!: The Crack House

original article found at:

Sensory Overload: The Crack House

I intended to review a concert at the Crack House in this column, but the show didn't happen because the basement was boarded up. In fact, the DIY arts and music space probably won't ever host another event, as the longstanding CCAD-area structure is set for demolition as soon as possible.

The building, one of two structures on the quarter-acre site at 56 N. Grant Ave., has stood for about 100 years, according to resident Jonathan Gibby. It used to be a hotel - perhaps a brothel, Gibby speculated - and Ernest Hemingway is rumored to have stayed there.

For the last 30 years, it's functioned as a fine artists' residency and an underground music venue, hosting bands from around the country and the world.

"It's a really big part of life down here," Gibby said.

But it's also kind of a dump.

"Really, dilapidated is probably the best word," said Paul Ghidotti, executive vice president of the Daimler Group, who closed on the property May 11.

Daimler plans to knock down the buildings and redevelop the site as a seven-story student apartment housing project with a gallery space on the ground level. The goal is to have it open for the 2011-12 school year, but Ghidotti said Daimler is allowing residents to finish out their leases before they proceed with demolition, so the project might not be ready by next fall if people choose to stay put.

Most of the residents had accepted buyouts and found other living arrangements, but as of last week's postponed show dates, a few were holding out, hoping to maintain the Crack House's idyllic bohemian lifestyle a little longer.

Gibby is not looking forward to giving up his ultra-cheap $290 rent, which helped him afford CCAD tuition when he was enrolled. And he doesn't want to see the campus lose a unique presence in favor of a facility he fears will be bland and sterile.

"There's nothing like this building anywhere on campus. Most of their stuff is very day-care," Gibby said. "This is - I mean, it's not really 'adult,' but it's at least a different scene."

By now, the holdouts are making a fuss less to save their hangout and more to ensure it's remembered as one of the earliest DIY spaces in Columbus - a location that was hosting music and art shows years before longstanding spots like Skylab and the Legion of Doom.

"At this point it's pretty much lost," said Tony Hoyt, who has been attending events at the Crack House for almost a decade. "This is more of a commemoration."

Ghidotti said Daimler is planning to include a design element from the current structure in the lobby of the new apartment building as a way to honor the building's history.

written by: Chris DeVille

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

sea swallowed us whole, SLC Metal

i met these guys under really random circumstances. we had 8-bit revival coming into town to play a show at the Crack House a few months ago, with their friends in lemia belus, as well as hurt people hurt people. the night prior to the show, some shit went down, a gun got stuck in my face, and all of a sudden hurt people hurt people could no longer fulfill their time slot as booked for several months. this was one among many issues that came from this situation, but this was on very short notice. the guys in sea swallowed us whole were at the time on tour across the US from their hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah. they were staying in Indianapolis the night of this Crack House show and asked a friend in Columbus if there was any way they could play a show here in town. this call couldn't have come through to me with more perfect timing. the addition of Sea Swallowed Us Whole, as well as an impromptu set by BroFucker, and of course a set by Thunder Bison, set this show off from being another indie-rock-hipster-shit-fest and into another feast of clashing cultures that the Crack House is notorious for. Props to everyone who kept it real and kept it real simple the night of this show back in April, especially the guys in 8-Bit Revival (who i'll be adding tracks by very soon), and of course Sea Swallowed Us Whole. oh, hey, here's their EP!:::

99 zulu:

delta 9:

trophy bitch at the gay bar:

fiery planes:

follow me, fox:

be the better man:

and if you wanna add them on myspace:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

big audio dynamite - rush

seriously? who do you know that was keeping it more real than these guys in the '90s??? no for real though. no. seriously. LOOK AT THIS DUDE. you can't fuck with him in any way. you start to try, and you're just like, "ughhhh, alright, dude. you're fucking sweet."

B.A.D. 4 lyfe

Friday, May 7, 2010

ninjasonik - art school girls

"we should collaborate."
this reminds me of hollering at CCAD freshman girls. i've been bumping it out of AJ's room at the Crack House for a couple days now and no one's seemed to notice. yeah, we get that wasted.

yeah, we get that wasted.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

swollen shut live - 04.05-2010


this scene doesn't leave room for raver dancer kids on the dance floor. sorry. you're buying into a trend that was a shitty trend 15 years ago. people would've made fun of you then, and people will make fun of you now. put down the glow sticks and pick up the CDJ-1000s. because everyone is a DJ now. come on, for real though.

tyreless vs. bugzy, oldfield's - 4.29.2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chicago - 05.08.2010

okay so here's the deal, lemia belus, who is a fucking awesome instrumental band that's been playing a decent amount of 6sv's shows recently is gearing up for their first out of town show about a week and a half from now. on saturday may 8, 2010. our plan is drive out there, possibly on friday afternoon, or saturday morning with a caravan of central ohioans. whether you've heard lemia belus and think they're the shit or havent heard them yet but would like to believe they're the shit, you are more than cordially invited to come out to chicago with us for the weekend. here's what we can garauntee:Grown-Ups CD release show @ Treasure Town [warehouse space, see photos below]
featuring performances by:
grown-ups [http://www.myspace.com/ihategrownups]
native [http://www.myspace.com/nativein]
castevet [http://www.myspace.com/romancastevet]
lemia belus [http://www.myspace.com/lemiabelus]
[& 2 others, which i will update/edit this post to add]

as you can see, there are some 1/4 pipes and grind boxes set-up. so skating is welcome, though not entirely couraged if you're wasted. because of the massive drinking that might be involved [i.e. 2 bottles of everclear we're bringing with us], and the temptation of skating while the shows going on, we've decided we're going to try to wear you out by going to wilson skatepark saturday afternoon. if you're unfamiliar with wilson park, it's an all concrete park on the north side of chicago. so, yes, if you wanna come out just to skate, you should! 2 sick skate spots! and we're going to be shooting video of not only the show, but of the skate park and the party to put in the 6SV yearbook.

so that's what we know is in store for you if you come. what we're trying to organize is a carpool ring. if 3 passengers ride in each car with a driver, it'll be roughly $20 per person to get out there and back on gas. i would bring about $50 bucks total if you're coming, more if you want to go a little crazy. it's cheap to eat out, and expensive to drink. and train rides are about $2.50 one-way.
keep in mind we don't have places for everyone to stay the night. if you have friends in chicago, HIT THEM UP. i have no personal recommendations for hostels or hotels. but i can assure you that wherever you're staying, we can make sure you don't get [terribly] lost in the city!

we need drivers and passengers for this trip still. all serious inquiries should contact tony h. by phone, 614.946.5693, or by e-mail, the.scumlife@gmail.com. more information will be available as the date gets closer.
i hope you all can make it, this trip is going to be epic in so many ways.

Monday, April 26, 2010

the 80's need to pop back

I'm new to 6th st vacant. This post is dedicated to people who are in crappy 90's-00's radio rock bands, but used to have sick hardcore bands.

first up-inside out
the singer of rage against the machine

next up-the weirdo's
Flea from red not chili peppers used to play in this weirdpunk band, don't know if he is in this video or not.....

last up-scream
dave grohl of nirvana and foo fighters

Hell, even moby claimed to have sang for flipper.

Dear everybody, quit sucking.
Unless of course you are lil jon and ice cube sucking by taking bad brains riffs and rappin' over them, it sucks, but it was worth a shot I guess.

Lil jon has said in a shitload of interviews that his biggest inspiration to be in the music biz was watching a live bad brains show.

this thursday 4.29.2010 @ Oldfield's on High

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

refused - new noise

refused are fucking dead.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

CD101 used to be awesome...

when cd101 first went on the air (according to my old man,) they played sweet shit like this:



Friday, April 9, 2010


come out and rock out and hang out and smoke out and drink out (of pimp goblets)

Monday, April 5, 2010

baroness - rays on pinion


there is an 8 bit grindcore show at the Crack House this Tuesday, april 6th, 2010. i'm gonna try to bounce between it and the la dispute show at carabar. who else is down?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

this spring / this summer

if this passed couple weeks has been amy sort of clue for what the summer's going to be like... fuck, dude. for the record, the Crack House parties are gonna be off the chain. no pictures or video from march 26th to prove it yet, unfortunately. i'm pretty stoked on the oldfield's shows that will be coming up being amazing. you can't front on having an after hours spot right upstairs from the bar. and i just want to give props to everyone who came out last night for the HurtPeople Hurt People album release show. even native pulled through and made it. double prop points go out to every who bled for the show last night, both literally and metaphorically. it all came together perfect.

upcoming events:

04.06.2010 - La Dispute, Face!Face! the electric crucifix, swollen shut. Carabar, 9 PM.

04.09.2010 - 6sv!: The Easy Life. 8 bit revival, hurtpeople hurt people, lemia belus, slipdiver. the Crack House, 9 PM & goes all night!

04.10.2010 - Hometown Villains Showcase: hosted by SupaDaveHaze. stonecraft, keef metro, flip the early, eclypse, spins by DJ scheme & more. Oldfields on High, 10 PM.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the paper chase - dying with decent music

Maybe better you than me
You’re much weaker, you’re more clumsy
When I forfeit my patience to you
So maybe you’ve had too much wine
Piggy’s flushed up ankles swell up as my lady works the room

“Your sideburns always smell like sex”
Little sister, your big brother, “the fuck” won’t be smothering you
Or calling to his friends back east
“Oh my hostess, oh my pick up, oh my dreadful… my white slave”
Let them die while some decent music plays

With my shit shoe stumbles that’s me dirty nails and awful thoughts
I’ll use the words used up on commercials
Like such sharp boys like to write songs, music and quick lines
This feeling I can’t confine that to a rhyme
But maybe I can if I see you on the other side

See you on the other side where we would be released
I’d sell out everything if I could find such peace
See you on the other side where we would be released
I’d sell out everyone if I could find such peace
I will be free

Sunday, March 28, 2010


dear haters:


Friday, March 26, 2010

3.26.2010 @ the Crack House

we're partying hard tonight at the Crack House. that's the corner of Grant ave and Gay st. basement show with:
Bro Fucker
Boob Eyes
Keep Honking, I'm Reloading
Thunder Bison (should totally go by Bison Thunder)
Lemia Belus
2 kegs and 2 bottles of Everclear. doing it fundraiser style. cos you know we all want to see that warehouse soon.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010



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Friday, March 19, 2010

benga - crunked up

get it right, get it tight.

snoop dogg millionaire

sure, this is old news... i just thought it'd be a nice lil jump-
start for the weekend.

Monday, March 15, 2010

maybe today

some of that throw back screamo shit.

6sv in chi-town, part 1

we made our arrival here yesterday around 2.30 in the afternoon. wesaid what up, raged with this beast dog in the park for like a half hour, then peaced out on a "mission." we found all the necessities for a week stay with a few blocks, grocery, packy (as the conneticuts call the liquor store), laundromat, and our new Homebase, F. O'mahony's. we stepped into the first bar that looked like they charged under $5 a drink only to realize we were in boystown at an irish gay pub. this was actually kind of awesome. the dude's were chill as fuck and we got a few rounds of jameson and some free beers for being the out-of-towner straight dudes who could, indeed, kick it.
from here, we stumbled off and, in as touristy of a fashion as possible, asked pretty much every stranger we passed where a train was. finally, this chick helped us get tickets and board the redline towards downtown. as soon as we got off, we stopped at a seven-eleven (it's all spelled out here), and grabbed some 40s. again, we proceeded to ask every (chill-looking) stranger we passed where the best place to drink in public was, and eventually were directed to Millenium Park. it was clearly too light out still to be smashing out king cobra in plain view, so we hopped this little fence and ran back into these tightly packed-in trees in the middle of the park and started schwillin'.
as we approached bottoms and had progressively become drunker and hence louder, we got suprise attacked by park security. so we took our lecture, played the stupid tourist card (which for some reason worked in this situation?), and dumped the ass of our drinks out and were escorted out of the trees. but from here, security just sent us on our way and we walked down to the ice rink. $10 holler to go ice skating all night in downtown chicago? fuck yeah, i'm there. obviously, the loop gets a little boring after a while, and my body could only take so many failed hockey-stop attempts. so we set out to find another train.
while waiting for the train thats going to take us back to boystown, we strike up conversation with two girls from conneticut. they've got their noses up their asses, but we're bullshitting, so we go with it. they end up getting off the train with us, and instead of stopping to get food to cook, we stop at a liquor store for a case of beer and a bottle of jack. whatever happened, happened. i'm not saying she was fat, dude, and i ain't saying you hit it. i'd like to just leave that out in the open for everyone to decide themselves. ha
haven't really been taking a whole lot of photos or video, but we've got a whole week left, so...
this has been a 6sv report from the windy city.
over and out.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thee Oh Sees (to put a hyped-up band in perspective)

by j bux

i'll be completely honest here. i often write off a band that i might actually like i might actually like based on admittedly-shallow principles. however, in this case, i feel i am completely justified.

when you hop on the two-man noise band train late in the game like this:

and are at any point involved in a project like this:

and then follow up with crapola like this:

there is NO POSSIBLE WAY to maintain any
sort of credibility.

i'll be honest, when i was a kid (15 or
16 years old, i'm, like, totally way
more mature now,) i really liked Hella
and Lightning Bolt and all those other
two-man rock-set-up style noisier rock
bands. Load Records was pretty good
about keep those types of bands on their
label for a while and i was really into
it for a while. Pink and Brown were
buddies w/ Lightning Bolt and it was not
illogical for John Dwyer to do that style
of project because it seemed like most
artists in the Providence, RI / Fort
Thunder scene were doing that type of
shit. i was really into it and thought
they were cool. after Dwyer made a cameo
in "The Power of Salad and Milkshakes"
(a Lightning Bolt tour documentary,) i
became a little skeptical of his sincerity
and dedication to innovation and
experimentation. can we say flavor of the
week? Dwyer's newly acquired hype reveals
the abominable truth that anyone can
write shitty pop songs, use 'weird'
effects and shitty microphones, and turn
them into a psychedelic-freak-folk trendy
cluster-fuck sensation. i guess i should
probably listen to a couple more songs...

i guess i should probably listen to a
couple more songs...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

rodney mullen on That's Incredible

ok, this is by far the most ridiculous skate clip i've ever watched. peep the one-footed 360° frotside shuvit at 1:30 in this clip. it'll change your life. he does a ton of other gnarly tricks, but that one stuck out for some reason. a true mad genius of flatland fuckery.

hip-hop tuesdays @ oldfield's: freestyles

vomit party.