Friday, August 20, 2010

temp(museless) - full length album

temp(museless) - sharks out of water (2010, coming soon)
11 tracks, in the mastering stages right now. at this point, for every two steps forward, i've been taking a half step back. but i'm satisfied with the way everything is fitting together and i don't see it taking more than another week or two before "sharks out of water" is ready to be packaged up. i just have to record some vocals, finish the album art, and give it all that last sex touch. the final tracks will be available for free download, or on CD for a minimal price.
album release party, anyone?
here are the 11 tracks thus far:
1. starvation

2. laid (cover of james' hit single! lacking vocals)

3. fuck my life

4. i didn't plan on you ever trusting me (prose 12) (highschool track)

5. act ashamed(original recordings missing, working on it!)

6. i'm alone (one version)

7. redemption denied (working on a controller to use to finish this. if anyone wants to lend my a PS3 controller for a couple days, it'd go a lot quicker)

8. running (prose 11)

9. fuck to forget (PSR-6 + HEART)

10. maybe another time.. (vocals missing)

11. slow down (original recordings missing, working on it!)

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