Monday, March 15, 2010

6sv in chi-town, part 1

we made our arrival here yesterday around 2.30 in the afternoon. wesaid what up, raged with this beast dog in the park for like a half hour, then peaced out on a "mission." we found all the necessities for a week stay with a few blocks, grocery, packy (as the conneticuts call the liquor store), laundromat, and our new Homebase, F. O'mahony's. we stepped into the first bar that looked like they charged under $5 a drink only to realize we were in boystown at an irish gay pub. this was actually kind of awesome. the dude's were chill as fuck and we got a few rounds of jameson and some free beers for being the out-of-towner straight dudes who could, indeed, kick it.
from here, we stumbled off and, in as touristy of a fashion as possible, asked pretty much every stranger we passed where a train was. finally, this chick helped us get tickets and board the redline towards downtown. as soon as we got off, we stopped at a seven-eleven (it's all spelled out here), and grabbed some 40s. again, we proceeded to ask every (chill-looking) stranger we passed where the best place to drink in public was, and eventually were directed to Millenium Park. it was clearly too light out still to be smashing out king cobra in plain view, so we hopped this little fence and ran back into these tightly packed-in trees in the middle of the park and started schwillin'.
as we approached bottoms and had progressively become drunker and hence louder, we got suprise attacked by park security. so we took our lecture, played the stupid tourist card (which for some reason worked in this situation?), and dumped the ass of our drinks out and were escorted out of the trees. but from here, security just sent us on our way and we walked down to the ice rink. $10 holler to go ice skating all night in downtown chicago? fuck yeah, i'm there. obviously, the loop gets a little boring after a while, and my body could only take so many failed hockey-stop attempts. so we set out to find another train.
while waiting for the train thats going to take us back to boystown, we strike up conversation with two girls from conneticut. they've got their noses up their asses, but we're bullshitting, so we go with it. they end up getting off the train with us, and instead of stopping to get food to cook, we stop at a liquor store for a case of beer and a bottle of jack. whatever happened, happened. i'm not saying she was fat, dude, and i ain't saying you hit it. i'd like to just leave that out in the open for everyone to decide themselves. ha
haven't really been taking a whole lot of photos or video, but we've got a whole week left, so...
this has been a 6sv report from the windy city.
over and out.

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