Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chicago - 05.08.2010

okay so here's the deal, lemia belus, who is a fucking awesome instrumental band that's been playing a decent amount of 6sv's shows recently is gearing up for their first out of town show about a week and a half from now. on saturday may 8, 2010. our plan is drive out there, possibly on friday afternoon, or saturday morning with a caravan of central ohioans. whether you've heard lemia belus and think they're the shit or havent heard them yet but would like to believe they're the shit, you are more than cordially invited to come out to chicago with us for the weekend. here's what we can garauntee:Grown-Ups CD release show @ Treasure Town [warehouse space, see photos below]
featuring performances by:
grown-ups [http://www.myspace.com/ihategrownups]
native [http://www.myspace.com/nativein]
castevet [http://www.myspace.com/romancastevet]
lemia belus [http://www.myspace.com/lemiabelus]
[& 2 others, which i will update/edit this post to add]

as you can see, there are some 1/4 pipes and grind boxes set-up. so skating is welcome, though not entirely couraged if you're wasted. because of the massive drinking that might be involved [i.e. 2 bottles of everclear we're bringing with us], and the temptation of skating while the shows going on, we've decided we're going to try to wear you out by going to wilson skatepark saturday afternoon. if you're unfamiliar with wilson park, it's an all concrete park on the north side of chicago. so, yes, if you wanna come out just to skate, you should! 2 sick skate spots! and we're going to be shooting video of not only the show, but of the skate park and the party to put in the 6SV yearbook.

so that's what we know is in store for you if you come. what we're trying to organize is a carpool ring. if 3 passengers ride in each car with a driver, it'll be roughly $20 per person to get out there and back on gas. i would bring about $50 bucks total if you're coming, more if you want to go a little crazy. it's cheap to eat out, and expensive to drink. and train rides are about $2.50 one-way.
keep in mind we don't have places for everyone to stay the night. if you have friends in chicago, HIT THEM UP. i have no personal recommendations for hostels or hotels. but i can assure you that wherever you're staying, we can make sure you don't get [terribly] lost in the city!

we need drivers and passengers for this trip still. all serious inquiries should contact tony h. by phone, 614.946.5693, or by e-mail, the.scumlife@gmail.com. more information will be available as the date gets closer.
i hope you all can make it, this trip is going to be epic in so many ways.

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