Tuesday, May 18, 2010

sea swallowed us whole, SLC Metal

i met these guys under really random circumstances. we had 8-bit revival coming into town to play a show at the Crack House a few months ago, with their friends in lemia belus, as well as hurt people hurt people. the night prior to the show, some shit went down, a gun got stuck in my face, and all of a sudden hurt people hurt people could no longer fulfill their time slot as booked for several months. this was one among many issues that came from this situation, but this was on very short notice. the guys in sea swallowed us whole were at the time on tour across the US from their hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah. they were staying in Indianapolis the night of this Crack House show and asked a friend in Columbus if there was any way they could play a show here in town. this call couldn't have come through to me with more perfect timing. the addition of Sea Swallowed Us Whole, as well as an impromptu set by BroFucker, and of course a set by Thunder Bison, set this show off from being another indie-rock-hipster-shit-fest and into another feast of clashing cultures that the Crack House is notorious for. Props to everyone who kept it real and kept it real simple the night of this show back in April, especially the guys in 8-Bit Revival (who i'll be adding tracks by very soon), and of course Sea Swallowed Us Whole. oh, hey, here's their EP!:::

99 zulu:

delta 9:

trophy bitch at the gay bar:

fiery planes:

follow me, fox:

be the better man:

and if you wanna add them on myspace:

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