Wednesday, June 23, 2010

fuck the police - 6/23/2010

i just want to say, props to the bands that did make it out to play tonight.
merchant ships, for driving all the way here from home. i believe this was their first show on their first tour. dudes pulled up into a parking lot next to a boarded up apartment building and got out and played hard as fuck. you guys are so much more live than i expected from your recordings. hell yeah!
slipdiver, who's bassist has a broken collar bone, but still manned up and played a kick ass show. who's drummer quit the day of the show, but somehow these kids pulled matt h. out of their assholes like it was nothing. props on your best show that i've seen.
and finally, props to the dudes in thunder bison, whose set got cut off by the pig-mother-fuckin-Os. their singer was itching all night to play and when the time came, the law has to step up and act all hard and cut us off early as hell.

and don't forget all the faces that came out tonight to watch the show. if the cops wouldn't have shown up, we could've got some cheesing-ass last-party-at-the-crackhouse-flics. what the hell are we gonna do now? the crackhouse is gone.

in case you actually give a shit, we have some other stuff coming up in the next month. tomorrow night, Blake Morrison brings his FREE ART show out for the first time to Bristol Bar. it showcases Blake's skills on the canvas as well as his jockey skills on the decks. special guest artist Jon Stommel (the dude who did the murals on the entrance way to Bat Chapters and the sides of Magnolia Thunderpussy & The Chamber/Garden/Joint.

this weekend is comfest! come out friday during the day to kick it with us at VooDoo Denim Lounge for the pre-gaming party Friday, June 25th. starting at 5 PM, we're gonna have Blake Morrison [DJing only], Mike Stone, & Tumms, along with a chance to kick back a couple brews with us before we head down to Outland on Liberty for the Dirty Deeds party. yeah, we got Designer Drugs headlining this year's official ComFest after party!! Nixphonic, Tumms, Digiraatii, & Hot Mess will all be on the bill for the night, bringing you some of the raunchiest and hesh gangster dance beats ever.
also, after you watch the fireworks on July 2nd, come out and kick it with us, DJ Drastic, & the Hometown Villains at Hampton's to get a little bit of that hip-hop soul in your life. we'll be taking over the basement around 10 PM, so come party on King Ave!
if that's not gonna work out for you, come post-up on this booze cruise, on July 31st with us. that's 6 stops on your way to the after party, with live acts still to be announced.
that's about as official as it gets. any other details not mentioned probably aren't resolved. i just want to end this all by saying,
fuck the police.
jiggy's comin!
fuck tha police, yo,
cos i ain't runnin!

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