Sunday, July 25, 2010

some music for you, part 1

Motel Beds - Go For A Drive EP (????) + (untitled) EP (2004)the motel beds are a small indie rock band from down in Dayton, Ohio. i found them about 4 or 5 years ago while searching the internet hardcore for a better version of abracadaver's Pillow's and Brushes. i came across a website called Fictionband that had lots of Dayton band's releases available for free download. these guys have been on steady repeat ever since i downloaded some of their tunes.this is definitely some feel good rock'n'roll i often feel was created to cook to. no lie. from what little information i can gather, it seems the beds boys are no longer a group. this is quite unfortunate as i've been looking forward to trying to bring them up to columbus sometime this fall. if anyone has any information on if they're playing shows still or a way to contact them, you should let me know!motel beds live
motel beds widget off their site: does it work here??

Belbury Poly - The Owl's Map (2006)
i haven't listened to much other Belbury Poly other than this disc. but The Owl's Map definitely has always stood as one of my favorite "get blunted" albums. it's psychedelic throwback synths are the epitome of what the psychedelic scene was trying to do in the late '60s and into the '70s. of course, an album in this note that's released in the second millenium is going to have a fuller sound. i've jammed out to this a few years ago, and only recently brought it back into serious rotation.
belbury poly - scarlet ceremony
[i hope to have uploaded some other tracks off this album to include here soon!]

MGMT - Oracular Spectacular (2007)
this album is already high in throwback status, and it's only been three years?? with the release of MGMT's latest disc, Congratulations, being an epic let down to the feel good jams of some of the foggiest and beautiful moments of my life, i had to bust out the oldies this summer. and somehow after being blasted with half of Oracular Spectacular in the bars and at every house party for a couple years, the album still managed to bring up all the old feelings i associated with it in 2007. This is the only CD i bumped on the Alpine in my Accord as i drove around in a fantastical drug-fueled world for an entire Ohio season. spun out sitting in my car driving through river gorges and partying in fields. it's hard to put into words the emotions of that year, but somehow MGMT knew exactly what i was thinking before i ever thought it. i can only hope for some retrogression with their next release. fingers crossed.
MGMT - time to pretend (official video)
MGMT - flash delerium (official video) - this is off their latest release, Congratulations. it's my favorite off the album right now. the video's cool, but i hate watching their videos with the tracks!

Liars - Sisterworld (2010) + Scissor EP (2010)
the deluxe release of this album includes a 2nd disc with remixes of the album's original tracks by the likes of Thom Yorke, Devendra Banhart, Boyd Rice, etc. the original album is the most refined of Liars' releases over the passed decade or so. it lacks a epic change of poles like most their albums take on. and the lack of such an exaggerated change of genre and style can leave any major Liars fan a little let down. but as far as production value and wholeness of sound go, this is by far the best we've ever seen from the boys. it's just too peaceful; it doesn't leave me sitting on the edge of my seat in any way. the remixes leave a lot more to be desired, and devendra's remix of The Overacheivers is really the only one i could get into. the thom yorke remix of Proud Evolution is worth listening to for the novelty of it, but passed one listen, these remixes aren't worth shit.
also check out the Scissor EP, which is, from what i've gathered, a B-sides of the Sisterworld LP. Though the title track, Scissor, is in my opinion the best track out of the bunch, and also comes with a ridiculously awesome music video.
liars - the overacheivers (official video)
liars - the overacheivers (remix by devendra banhart)

liars - scissor (official video)
[update: apparently Mute Records disabled embedding for all of Liar's new videos. that's a damn shame considering how great they are. i've updated to just links to the pages of the youtube videos for The Overacheivers and Scissor above. enjoy!]

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