Monday, April 26, 2010

the 80's need to pop back

I'm new to 6th st vacant. This post is dedicated to people who are in crappy 90's-00's radio rock bands, but used to have sick hardcore bands.

first up-inside out
the singer of rage against the machine

next up-the weirdo's
Flea from red not chili peppers used to play in this weirdpunk band, don't know if he is in this video or not.....

last up-scream
dave grohl of nirvana and foo fighters

Hell, even moby claimed to have sang for flipper.

Dear everybody, quit sucking.
Unless of course you are lil jon and ice cube sucking by taking bad brains riffs and rappin' over them, it sucks, but it was worth a shot I guess.

Lil jon has said in a shitload of interviews that his biggest inspiration to be in the music biz was watching a live bad brains show.

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