Saturday, April 3, 2010

this spring / this summer

if this passed couple weeks has been amy sort of clue for what the summer's going to be like... fuck, dude. for the record, the Crack House parties are gonna be off the chain. no pictures or video from march 26th to prove it yet, unfortunately. i'm pretty stoked on the oldfield's shows that will be coming up being amazing. you can't front on having an after hours spot right upstairs from the bar. and i just want to give props to everyone who came out last night for the HurtPeople Hurt People album release show. even native pulled through and made it. double prop points go out to every who bled for the show last night, both literally and metaphorically. it all came together perfect.

upcoming events:

04.06.2010 - La Dispute, Face!Face! the electric crucifix, swollen shut. Carabar, 9 PM.

04.09.2010 - 6sv!: The Easy Life. 8 bit revival, hurtpeople hurt people, lemia belus, slipdiver. the Crack House, 9 PM & goes all night!

04.10.2010 - Hometown Villains Showcase: hosted by SupaDaveHaze. stonecraft, keef metro, flip the early, eclypse, spins by DJ scheme & more. Oldfields on High, 10 PM.

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