Wednesday, June 23, 2010

camu tao - king of hearts (2010)

the long awaited release from Columbus' finest, camu tao is set to release August 17th, almost two and a half year's after the tragic loss of the local legend to cancer. a lot of people stand tall to say that camu tao was put on this earth to change the shape of hip-hop music. unfortunately, this mission was cut short the spring of 2008 after a two year battle with lung cancer. camu, aka tero smith, left behind a plethora of underground as well as unreleased tracks. it's these unreleased tracks that have been pieced together and mixed down by some of his brethern to shape the Kingdom Hearts album. on August 19th, an album release part is being held at Skully's Music Diner on N. High St. in Columbus, Ohio. This will be an epic event for everyone who knew camu and his music. come out and celebrate!
here's a strip of tracks camu's recorded over the years to get you pumped for the release party.

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