Monday, February 15, 2010

shit you missed in columbus hip-hop: PART THREE

OK, it's likely that most of the people who read this blog either know these guys or were actually at this show.

if not, this is another moment in columbus hip-hop THAT YOU MISSED. (i missed it and i regret it very deeply).


1. jared (DJ PATH) has noticeably developed some decent swagger.

2. michael (ALLEYES MANIFEST) has mad swagger.

3. i define "swagger" is an appropriate level of confidence combined with well-honed mic skills.

4. sebastian actually exists still.

5. as the lyrics in this cut develop, they become more anthemic while remaining innovative and introspective.

6. smelly basements are a damn good place for good vibes.

7. i have a copy of AP's first EP and i could probably get some decent scratch from some awkward-white-boy-who-got-into-hip-hop-late-in-the-game-hipster in montana when they blow up... if i actually ever wanted to sell it.

stay tuned for more shit you missed in columbus hip-hop.

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