Thursday, February 4, 2010

canibus @ Mozaik

Canibus @ Mozaik, Feb 3rd, Columbus, OH

i don't claim to be a OG hip-hop head by any means in this city. i know there's people out there way more qualified to tell you about last night. but i know that there are way more interesting and unique rappers that could have been on stage reppin' the 614 last night too though.
nonetheless, i give respect and props to those who came out and got on stage last night, as well as canibus and his touring crew. it was a valiant effort.

mozaik was packed last night with a strange mix of characters. the sound was subpar and there was a lack of beats behind the freestyles. maybe this was an effort to mimick an actual cypher. but if you have the PA hooked-up, and the record decks right there, why the fuck aren't you playing music?

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