Sunday, January 31, 2010

shit you missed in columbus hip-hop: PART ONE

1. ashley over zero's left shoulder start to finish.

2. wes over zero's right shoulder in round 3.

3. 90% of zero's rhymes went over the top of most of the crowd's head until round 3.

4. searius add displays the epitome of 'all-swag-no-class' throughout the battle.

5. the crowd felt searius early, but started to pay more attention to zero as the battle progressed.

6. searius is holding a PIECE OF PAPER in his hand in round 3.

7. there are few who can stand up to zerostar and there wasn't a round 4 following round 3 'cus searius choked (literally).


stay tuned for more shit you missed in columbus hip-hop.

PS: this is what's happening in columbus hip-hop RIGHT NOW!

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